UniCuenta is an application that allows you to manage your spendings, allowing you to take control and know what are you spending before your savings, achieving personal and familiar welfare, allowing you to organize and control your expenses.


We offer a platform for users and service providers of GPS, allowing you to track your necessities in the moment that is needed such as, track your unit in seconds, get personalized reports and notifications.


We help to manage your enterprise with the implantation of our ERP as enterprise management Software, generating value and integrating the different areas, with modules 100% Peruvian, as electronic Peruvian billing , spreadsheets, financial e-books, among others.


Web applications

Since 2011, Inka Labs has developed high demand web applications that serve thousands of users simultaneously and efficiently

El equipo busca crear aplicaciones que son eficientes, fáciles de usar y amigables usando tecnología segura y confiable en Frontend y Backend

Mobile applications

The mobile applications developed in Inka Labs are are used every day on European markets. High quality standards on development and application have made Inka Labs developers experts developing on IOS and Android, taking advantage of the smartphone potential beyond its limits.


We are composed by a team that stands out the rest by the passion for what we do, the team is divided into different areas of specialization Design, mobile application development, Front-end development, Back-end development, server administration and Testing The team follows well-defined and documented processes. These processes, inspired by agile thinking, allow us to use cutting-edge technology looking for solutions that fit the needs and requirements of our customers. Thanks to these processes we were able to work with clients from all over the world: Germany, USA, Australia and Peru.